Healing Sessions

ChakrasThe world of energy healing is huge and can be confusing as each practitioner claims that there method is the best. I don’t feel that any particular healing method is the best for all cases or is the absolute best. That would be like saying one particular car or candy bar will satisfy all your needs.

I have learned a variety of healing methods in my pursuit of creating a better healing experience by filling out my healing toolbox. While I certainly have ones I use more than others, I prefer to recommend specific ones for particular issues.

If you are not sure which would help you, the healing experience packages are the most tailored just for you.

If you aren’t sure what would be best for you, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Overview of Healing Types

Experience Tier Healings

Experience tier healings are aimed to either help a specific issue or use a specific family of healing techniques to help support your journey. These are not recipe healings, so knowledge of your situation and Spirit’s advice will dictate exactly what you need. Certain techniques that may be included in each are listed on their pages, but they are not all guaranteed to be used due to the extremely personal nature of these healing experiences.

Spirit Renewel Experience I find are best for those who have undergone a lot of trauma or are experiencing a lot of issues in general. Shamanic healings can involve one or more of the following: soul retrieval, power animal retrieval, general auric healing, cord cuttings and more. The guides dictate what is necessary. again depend on the nature of the problems one is experiencing, but I would recommend no more than one a month as the energies need time to settle and integrate within the individual.

Aura Spa Experience I would recommend as a general one stop start for a good healing choice. I listen to the guides and look at your aura after listening to any concerns you have to personalize a healing experience just for you.

I recommend this package for those who have had another energy healer work on them, and haven’t felt well since. Remember to choose your energy healer wisely.

Individual Healing Methods

La Ho Chi is fantastic for those trying to make big life changes, or are in relatively good health but may have mental or emotional problems happening. These sessions can only done a maximum of once a week otherwise it can create problems for the client’s energy system. More then one session per week isn’t really necessary anyway because it continues to flow for days after, and allows the client to safely ‘call back’ the energy to them with a very simple technique to keep the healing flowing!

Reiki is great for physical conditions, although it does help you heal on all levels. There are different types that have different purposes that you can read about on my Reiki page. Reiki is extremely safe and can be given daily.

Aura Cleansing and Chakra Alignments are great for personalized care.  Chakras are adjusted, debris removed, and tares fixed. I’d recommend once a week to allow for your energies to adjust to the changes, although there is no harm to more often.

Cord cuttings help you distance yourself from negative energies in relationships. If you are going through a break up and find it hard to remove yourself, cords may be part of the problem. Cord cutting can also benefit those trying to work on healing relationships as it doesn’t end the connection, but cuts the negative cords to allow for a more positive energy flow. These can be done daily, but I recommend once a month if going through difficult situations.

Reiki for Pets? Yes! Afterall, animals are just another type of people on the earth no matter how they are skinned, furred, scaled or feathered! Reiki is a universal healing energy that can help all beings and may help calm your pets through times of transition, illness or as a general health boost. Reiki for pets can be used daily.